24 May 2011

LOs for DH's Scrapbook

I made (err...started) a scrapbook for each of my family members (DH, DS1, DD and DS2). One day as I was going through all our photos, I saw my DH's old pictures and I was dismayed at the number of pictures still unscrapped. Right then and there, I decided to do something about it. Here are the finished LOs, so far...

Title: Proud

Title: Father & Son

Title: Mother & Son

Title: The Best Place to be...in Mommy's Loving Arms

Title: Mom's Boy, Fred

Title: Ready and all Set to GO

Title: i'm a big boy now!

Title: You make me SMILE

Title: in Barong Tagalog

Title: pick up

Watch out for more!

Stay scrappinpretty,
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1 comment:

Regina Castillo said...

You've been busy, Ate Lil ha. Nice LOs.