15 June 2008


I've been tagged by Ms. Marian, Betchay and She:

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1-I'm in shape. Round is a shape, isn't it?
2-I dismantle/flatten a box before throwing it in the trash can.
3-I love cloudy days.
4-I drink four glasses of water upon waking up.
5-I am a "Kapamilya" and will never be a "Kapuso".
6-I am a "Morning" person, not a "Night Owl".

4) Tag six: If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged...hehehe!

For my DH on Fathers' Day

I made this yesterday for my DH, Fred, with the help of our children, Migs, Lian and Pipo:

Recent Projects

I made these for a dear aunt, Auntie Nellie, who celebrated her 60th birthday last 10 June 2008. The 60 random little facts about Auntie Nellie were given/compiled by the Balanon Family through Tetet Manzano (Thank you for sharing).

This I made for my godchild, Maia, who celebrated her first birthday last 12 June 2008:

Update on My Projects

Whew! A lot of things has been happening in my life that I hardly have time for scrapbooking and blogging. Now that I can breathe a little, here are some projects I was able to squeeze in...

Bookmarkers (for me, my husband, my kids (Migs, Lian, Pipo), some relatives and some of Pipo's friends):

Altered CD:

Gift Bags: