24 May 2011

LOs for DH's Scrapbook

I made (err...started) a scrapbook for each of my family members (DH, DS1, DD and DS2). One day as I was going through all our photos, I saw my DH's old pictures and I was dismayed at the number of pictures still unscrapped. Right then and there, I decided to do something about it. Here are the finished LOs, so far...

Title: Proud

Title: Father & Son

Title: Mother & Son

Title: The Best Place to be...in Mommy's Loving Arms

Title: Mom's Boy, Fred

Title: Ready and all Set to GO

Title: i'm a big boy now!

Title: You make me SMILE

Title: in Barong Tagalog

Title: pick up

Watch out for more!

Stay scrappinpretty,
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12 May 2011

Random Layout

A few days ago, as I was going through my really old CK magazines I came across "My Heart Throb" LO by Sharon Laakkonen (Creating Keepsakes, Feb 2007 Issue, page 37). It inspired me to do a scraplift of the LO. Here's what I came up with...

Title: Heart Throbs

These are my boys: Fred, my husband and my two sons, Migs and Pipo. Heart throbs all, aren't they? (At least, in my eyes!) LOL!

One less picture to scrap! Thanks for looking!

Stay scrappinpretty,
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06 May 2011

Scrap More with Ria and Pia

Last 30 April 2011 (Saturday), I attended a scrapbooking class, "Scrap More with Ria and Pia" conducted by the seasoned and talented tandem of Ms. Ria Mojica and Ms. Pia Lopez. It was held at Ms. Vivian Uy's Lasting Impression.

Although I am a very slow scrapper, I love attending classes like this even knowing fully well that I will not finish the class projects for the day. I go for the sheer pleasure of it. Also, you get to learn new scrapbooking techniques, see the latest products in the market, bond (includes eating) with old scrapbooking friends, meet new ones and shop, of course.

In the class, we were supposed to do four (4) layouts, with LOs made by Ria and Pia for inspiration. We used Nikki Sivils' "We Are Family" line. Here's my take on the project LOs...

Ria-Inspired LO No. 1
Title: Happy Ako

Ria-Inspired LO No. 2
Title: A Perfect Day

Pia-Inspired LO No. 1
Title: {heart} Being With You

Pia-Inspired LO No. 2
Title: We Are Family

I am quite happy with the way my LOs turned out. Thank you, Ria and Pia!

Stay scrappinpretty,
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