12 March 2008

Albums for my only DD, Lian and youngest DS, Pipo

These, too, are ongoing projects of mine. The album for my only DD, Lian, was started/made for her debut last 3 March 2007 while the one for my youngest DS, Pipo, for his 13th birthday sana last 2 January 2008. Unfortunately, I finished the Bday LOs up to his 4th birthday only. Hindi nakayanan ng powers ko to finish the bday LOs up to his 12th bday. Since this album did not make it to his 13th birthday, I told Pipo that I will start Kuya's album first before I finish his. However, I set aside all these projects for a while to finish an album for my "FIL". It's done!

Now, I'm back to doing the album of my eldest DS, Migs.

You may check out the progress of these albums at the following sites:

Lian's album and my early LO attempts- http://craftylil.multiply.com
Migs', Pipo's and some other albums I made - http://scrappinpretty.slide.com

I am just happy that I'm back to my creative mode again...thanks to my family and scrapping friends for being so inspiring and supportive.

08 March 2008

March 8 Cards

These are the cards I made for the Scrap, Share and Shop event on March 8, 2008:

03 March 2008

Birthday Girl, Lian

Today is my only daughter's 19th birthday. This is the card I made for her. Of course, I put a little money in it, the traditional Php100 per birth year.