30 January 2009

RAK by Me for Me...(LOL!)

Last Wednesday (28 Jan 2009), I went to the doctor to show the results of several tests I had to undergo last week. Nothing really serious...just have to repeat two tests after 6 months. The good doctor prescribed some medicines...but enough of this! Let me tell you where I went after (as some sort of reward or fix(?)...to my favorite store, Lasting Impression. I missed Ms. Vivian and her store. See what I got...

Can't contain my excitement, I just have to share it with you. TFL!

16 January 2009

A Gift from the Heart

This is my friend's (Alidz) birthday gift for me. I just gave her a photo. She made a layout and put it in a shadow box. Isn't that wonderful?

Notice the hearts? She knows my favorite shape! Love it!

Thank you very much, Alidz!

04 January 2009

The Holidays

Arrrgh...just realized that I did not take pictures of our Christmas and New Year celebrations! It was a small wonder we actually did celebrate. That's how disconnected I felt about the holidays!

More Christmas Decors

I can't seem to snap out of lethargy...I have always loved the Christmas season and all the activities that go with it (the decorating, the shopping, the gift wrapping, food planning, the reunions/parties, etc.). This year, however, I went about these activities minus the excitement and enthusiasm. Could it be age catching up on me? The hard times? Still...there is a semblance of Christmas in our home.