04 January 2009

More Christmas Decors

I can't seem to snap out of lethargy...I have always loved the Christmas season and all the activities that go with it (the decorating, the shopping, the gift wrapping, food planning, the reunions/parties, etc.). This year, however, I went about these activities minus the excitement and enthusiasm. Could it be age catching up on me? The hard times? Still...there is a semblance of Christmas in our home.


Red Oak said...

you were totally decked out with wonderful christmas decor! :)

can't wait til you scrap about all of this!

have a wonderful 2009!


Lil, 100 lbs. ago said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for dropping by my blog and looking...

I hope and wish I can start on my long overdue Christmas LOs/album this year!

Have a blessed new year, my dear!

Ate Lil