27 February 2010

Twisted Sketches LOs

Twisted Sketches#038, 09 & 10

"Mr. Mojo" has not left me so I am able to do more layouts based on Twisted Sketches. Here's my take on TS#038:

Twisted Sketches#038
Twist is "Stripes"
Title: Enjoy Life

This picture was taken by my sister-in-law, Marivic, on New Year's Eve (31 Dec 2009) while we were waiting for the new year in Subic. Actually, the bottle was empty...LOL!

...and to update my TS Album, here are TS#09 and TS#10.

Twisted Sketches#10
Twist is "Tag"
Title: Be Still

Twisted Sketches#09
Twist is "Doodles"
Title: Brothers

Thanks for looking and see you later for more!

Stay scrappinpretty,

24 February 2010

More Layouts

All About Me AAM#12
Twisted Sketches TS#s37, 35 & 34

I have been quite busy updating my AAM and TS layouts. View them here:

Title: '53 (The Year I was Born...1953)

TS#37 - Twist is "Wood"!
Tree Top Adventure...

TS#35 - Twist is "Animal"!
Title - Horseride

TS#34 - The twist is "Numbers"
Title - A 24/7 Father... or A Father 24/7...

Bye for now...got to do some more layouts while "Mr. Mojo" is here.

Stay scrappinpretty,

20 February 2010

Taking On Blog Challenges

Scrap-a-Little 2010 Challenges

One item in my 2010 "TO DO" List is to join scrapbooking challenges so that I will be inspired (or forced...LOL) to do layouts. Scrap-a-Little is one of the blogs I enjoy visiting frequently. I learn a lot from Ms. Helen Croft. She has plenty of tips, techniques and tutorials that she unselfishly shares with her readers and friends. I also love her challenges...my take on the February and January Challenges:

February Challenge [This LO is based on Sketch#5 of Pink Sketches.]

January Challenge

Thanks for looking!

Stay scrappinpretty,

17 February 2010

Update! Update! Update!

Twisted Sketches Challenge#036

Finally, I was able to update my Twisted Sketches LOs. The last one I completed was TS#008.

I still plan to do TS#s 009 - 035 when time permits (if my mojo doesn't desert me again, that is).

Here's my take on TS#036...

This picture was taken during our 2008 vacation in Baguio City. When the kids saw the totem pole, they posed and had their picture taken like so.

Thanks for looking!

Stay scrappinpretty,

15 February 2010

The "Day-to-Day" ME!

All About Me Challenge #11

I had been working in a private bank for more than twenty-six (26) years and in a government institution for five (5). When I retired in 2005 and became a “stay-at-home” Mom, I knew life would become a pretty much predictable routine but definitely not a boring one because I believe that “Life is what you make it!”.

Here is how my day goes (not in any particular order)…

05:00 AM -
Wake up and go to the bathroom
Say morning prayers
Prepare F’s milk and apple cider vinegar – honey - juice powder concoction
Check breakfast table
Prepare F’s “packed lunch/snacks”
Wake F up
Make bed and turn-off lights, electric fan, etc.

05:30 AM onwards -

Check if DS2 is already awake and getting ready for school
Monitor the message boards [car schedule and grocery list]
Monitor service car (driver, maintenance, gasoline)
Confer with Ate Baby on what dishes to prepare for the day’s meals
Check email messages and FB account; go blog-hopping and net-surfing
Go to the grocery, if needed
Update Grocery Monitoring List
Watch TV, read or listen to music
Do some filing, updating of records
Take a nap (only when really, really sleepy)
Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences for DS2
Pay bills (mostly credit card bills)
Go shopping (at the very least, window-shopping)
Work on scrapping and other craft projects
Prepare house budget and kids’ allowance
Fix house (re-arrange furniture, change d├ęcor)
Hear Mass; visit chapel
Do evening rituals
Take baths
Say evening prayers

11:00 PM -
Go to bed

...but Life can be a chore sometimes! LOL!

"My Day" layout is based on Helen Croft's sketch#8 Scrap-a-Little. Thanks, Helen!

Stay scrappinpretty,

11 February 2010

More 2010 Calendars!

Yes, more 2010 calendars...but promise, last batch na! After this, I don't think I want to see, much more make, calendars for a long, long time. LOL!

Thanks for looking!

Stay scrappinpretty,