26 June 2009

ScrappinMoms Idol 3

The most-awaited event in the local scrapbooking community is now here...the ScrappinMomsIdol3 (SMI3)! You can feel the excitement, the tension and the overall feeling of anticipation in the air!

I know I am not qualified to join SMI3 because I make only 8x8 LOs and honestly, I don't have the guts, confidence and skills to do so. I would like to try, though, so I made a layout for the Elimination Round. I intend to do the other challenges as well. I asked permission from ScrappinMoms (through Ms. Liza Bermudez) to post my work in my blog and Facebook account. Kahit "saling-cat" lang, happy na ako and more than content to watch (and be awed) from the sidelines.

The competition is on. Here's my take on the ad (Elimination Round)...

To all the SMI3 participants, GOOD LUCK! and don't forget to have fun!

Stay scrappinpretty,

22 June 2009

CardPatterns - Sketch 20

I made this card for my SIL, Bess, who is celebrating her birthday on Thursday, 25 June 2009. Since Sketch 20 of CardPatterns is up, I used it to make this. Here is my take on Sketch 20...

Thank you, Card Patterns, for making it very easy for me to make awesome cards for my family, relatives and friends. Special thanks go to my friend, Michelle Bertuzzi, for the inspiration and all the help.

Stay scrappinpretty,

20 June 2009

Card Patterns - Sketch 19

Here's my take on Sketch 19 of CardPatterns...

I made this just a few minutes ago for one of my DD's friends who is celebrating her birthday on Monday (22 June 2009). I hope she likes it!

Thanks for looking and...

Stay scrappinpretty,

19 June 2009

52S52W Sketch 24

Yes, yes, yes...I am done with Sketch 24 of 52Sketches52Weeks. Now, I can really say that this project is current. Here's my take...

Sketch#24 - F is for Family/We are Family

Thanks for looking!

Stay scrappinpretty,

18 June 2009

52Sketches52Weeks Sketch Nos. 1-6

What do you know...I finished the last six (6) LOs for my 52Sketches52Weeks project. But, just when I was about to heave a sigh of relief and contentment, Sketch 24 is already up! I have to do that now to keep up with the challenges. In the meantime, here are the last six LOs...

Sketch#01 - Newsweek

Sketch#02 - White Limousine

Sketch#03 - Time, Stand Still!

Sketch#04 - My Man

Sketch#05 - "Cheese"?

Sketch#06 - @19

This project inspired me to finish 1-3 LOs a week. It also helped increase my confidence and made me do other projects. I hope later on I will have enough confidence, patience and skills to try different sizes of layouts (may be 8.5x11 and 12x12).

Stay scrappinpretty,

13 June 2009

Card Patterns Project

Yesterday, I started on my CardPatterns project even if I was not updated yet on my 52Sketches52Weeks one. I had to make a wedding card for my DS1's friends who are getting married on Sunday (14 June 2009) using Sketch#18. Here it is with the envelope...

Thanks for looking!

12 June 2009

Six More LOs for my 52Sketches52Weeks Project

I am so happy I finished six (6) more LOs for my 52Sketches52Weeks Project. Sketch Nos. 1-6 to go to complete/update the project. Here are the six LOs...

Sketch#07 - My Boys

Sketch#08 - Genuine Boy

Sketch#09 - "Hamloyd"

Sketch#19 - Siblings

Sketch#22 - Father & Son Night

Sketch#23 - US

I hope to finish this project next week so I can move on to the next one...Card Patterns!

Stay scrappinpretty,

Kaya Challenge 26 - The Pearl Challenge

Since I made a commitment (to myself lang naman) that I will join all Kaya Challenges even if my LOs won't qualify, here's my take on Janis' Pearl Challenge:

Title: Just Me...Lil

Black Cardstock
PPS - sorry, I don't know
Clear Stamp
Brilliance Pearlescent Beige
MM alphas
Pearl bling-bling (2 sizes) as flower centers/pendant (only "pearl" I have)

I used Sketch 29 of Pink Sketches for my layout.

02 June 2009

PS EB - 23 May 2009

I almost forgot about the fun I had during this event because I lost something that fateful day!

There was a lot of shopping in the morning, then delicious food (courtesy of Birthday Girl, Helen Chua of Memory Lane) and project time after lunch. The project was a mini-album featuring the coptic stitch (for binding) and the teacher was Symbelly.

My mini-album:

This is only the front cover. Sorry, I was not able to take a picture of the binding showing the coptic stitch.


01 June 2009

Birthday Layout

I've been meaning to do this layout for my 55th birthday (last 1 October 2008). Had this photo taken on the day itself and wrote the journaling long before that. Finally, here it is:

55 Random Things About Me...

(1) still young at 55 (2) Libra (1 Oct), Year of the Snake (1953) (3) second among four kids (4) a certified “Daddy’s Girl” (5) absolutely terrified of snakes (6) two big/deep dimples on cheeks (7) elementary education in Cavite (8) high school - Mapua Institute of Technology, a male-dominated school where two brothers were athletic scholars (softball) (9) College (1974), AB-Foreign Service, Stella Maris College, Cubao, QC (last batch of college graduates) (10) wanted to be a PAL flight stewardess; disqualified: short (5’2”) and did not know how to swim (11) first job - Philippine Commercial and Industrial Bank (PCIBank); had a fruitful and fulfilling career in PCIBank (1974-2000; 26 years)...forever grateful for the wonderful superiors, peers and friends I met and gained there and for being a part of the bank’s history (12) 2nd & last job - Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) from mid-2000 to mid-2005 (13) now a stay-at-home mom to my three children (14) homemaker (not wrecker) (15) went to driving school, has a driver’s license but does not drive; the only driving I do is drive husband and three kids (and house helps, too) crazy (16) doesn’t like going to the salon; Rose comes to the house and does nails and hair color, too...she’s been doing so for the longest time (around 20 or so years) (17) loves fresh lychees and cherries (18) snores (19) in shape; round is a shape, isn’t it? (20) likes to travel around our beautiful country (21) cremation (22) fave color-blue (23) fave color combination-blue and green (24) boyfriend; Martin Nievera; husband knows but Martin doesn’t...LOL! (25) a “Kapamilya” (26) got into scrapbooking in 2005 (27) another hobby: cross-stitching (28) into beading for a year or two; did some bracelets and necklaces for me, my family and friends; sold some, too (29) knows how to cook but just doesn’t like to do so everyday (30) collects recipes (31) listens to soft rock and mellow tunes (32) hypertensive (33) has a blog on scrapbooking: http://scrappinpretty.blogspot.com (34) a morning person, seldom takes naps and sleeps early (35) loves to dance (36) an “OC” about a lot of things (37) places a pair of scissors, stapler, tape dispenser, ballpen/pencil, notepad in every room of our home (38) can eat mangoes and watermelons everyday (39) fave scrapbooking store- Lasting Impression (40) fave magz-Real Living and Good Housekeeping Philippines (premiere issues to latest) (41) fave scrapbooking mag-Scrapbook Etc- (42) a very meaningful song-“I Think I’m In Love” by Cecille Azarcon (sung by “boyfriend”, Martin, of course) (43) loves going on vacations with family (44) lost without husband and three kids (45) has a collection of Carl punchers, tea pots and the Sylvanian Family (46) native kakanin (pichy-pichy, sapin-sapin, suman) for snacks anytime (47) tried tatting, crochet, hand embroidery, sewing, cross-stitch and beading at one time or another (48) visits the home section first in a department store (49) loves to read (a few fave authors: Paulo Coelho, Mitch Albom, Robert Ludlum, Leon Uris, Eric Lustbader, Mario Puzo, Barbara Taylor Bradford) (50) most comfortable in jeans and cotton blouses (51) sleepwear: duster (52) grocery to wet market (53) fave holiday-Christmas! (54) loves birthdays, too, especially my husband’s and kids’ (55) fresh fruit juices to canned/bottled ones…01Oct2008

Additions to 52Sketches52Weeks Project

Here are sketches 21, 20, 12 and 10 of my 52Sketches52Weeks project:

Sketch#21 - Spaced Out

Sketch#20 - Growing Together

Sketch#12 - 100% Boy

Sketch#10 - Little Graduate

More to come...

Kaya Challenge 25, Part 2 - Put Two and Two Together

My take on Kaya Challenge 25, Part 2 - Put Two and Two Together:

Title: By Two's
Journaling: Migs - Lian, Pipo - Migs, Lian - Pipo
2 cardstocks: black and white
2 patterned papers: Urban Lily Back in Black Collection (Kiss Me, Indulge Me)
2 hearts
2 pens: Uniball Signo White, Staedtler Black
Alpha Stickers: Creative Imaginations (Martin Swoosh lowercase)

Thanks for looking!