26 June 2009

ScrappinMoms Idol 3

The most-awaited event in the local scrapbooking community is now here...the ScrappinMomsIdol3 (SMI3)! You can feel the excitement, the tension and the overall feeling of anticipation in the air!

I know I am not qualified to join SMI3 because I make only 8x8 LOs and honestly, I don't have the guts, confidence and skills to do so. I would like to try, though, so I made a layout for the Elimination Round. I intend to do the other challenges as well. I asked permission from ScrappinMoms (through Ms. Liza Bermudez) to post my work in my blog and Facebook account. Kahit "saling-cat" lang, happy na ako and more than content to watch (and be awed) from the sidelines.

The competition is on. Here's my take on the ad (Elimination Round)...

To all the SMI3 participants, GOOD LUCK! and don't forget to have fun!

Stay scrappinpretty,

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