14 December 2007

Back Sliding

From CreativeMe.Net

I made a promise to myself that my last scrapbook-related shopping spree for 2007 would be on the (re) opening of the "Lasting Impression Store" at its new location. I kept that promise...until I logged on to Creativeme.net and saw some things that I felt I need (yah, right!) to have. I ordered them last Thursday, 06 December; deposited the payment first hour the next day. I was so disappointed/frustrated though that up to now (Friday, 14 December/11AM)I haven't received them yet. It must be the season - delivery overload!

Then, another fateful morning (Wednesday, 12 December), I went through my list of favorite scrapbooking stores. Lo and behold! MemoryLane had the Sizzlits Die Cuts I've been wanting to have for the longest time...the buttons! I called Ms. Helen right away! She also happened to have the FP "From the Garden" 12x12 Clear stamps that I wanted but Ms. Vivian did not have anymore. Ms. Helen even gave me a discount! I was so happy I got both in the afternoon of the same day. So, two more purchases.

Haay! Promises are really meant to be broken especially if made by scrapbooking addicts like me. Waaah...my poor wallet!

The moral of the story - "don't tread where the foolish (scrapbookers) dare not go!"

P.S. Got my order from Creativeme.net at around 1:00...1:30 pm today (Fri, 14 Dec).

02 December 2007

Scrapping Friends

This album contains LOs I made for my scrapping friends (Fides, She, Alidz, Aggie & Lala). For a complete view of this album, please go to my slide account.

All About Me

The cover, inside cover and first page of this album was done by me. The rest were LOs about me that were done by my friends (Fides, She, Alidz and Lala). For a complete view of this album, please go to my slide account.

01 December 2007


This title is not really original. You can say that it's an adaptation of the phrase, "Sitting Pretty".

29 November 2007

Blog for Scrapbooking

At last! I was able to create a blog devoted to my favorite hobby, scrapbooking.