17 February 2010

Update! Update! Update!

Twisted Sketches Challenge#036

Finally, I was able to update my Twisted Sketches LOs. The last one I completed was TS#008.

I still plan to do TS#s 009 - 035 when time permits (if my mojo doesn't desert me again, that is).

Here's my take on TS#036...

This picture was taken during our 2008 vacation in Baguio City. When the kids saw the totem pole, they posed and had their picture taken like so.

Thanks for looking!

Stay scrappinpretty,


Patries said...

This is very lovely, used those pens&pencils in a fun way! succes with alll those sketches ;)

@100 lbs. ago said...

Thanks, Patries!

Nancy said...

Wonderful layout! and it looks like you had a lot of fun with this sketch and twist!!! TFS!!!

sarah said...

one day i'm going to visit baguio... i haven't been since i was little girl... i plan on visiting sometime this year or next! :) hopefully, we can meet up.


Maya said...

Great take on the sketch! What a fun picture! Thanks for playing along!