30 January 2009

RAK by Me for Me...(LOL!)

Last Wednesday (28 Jan 2009), I went to the doctor to show the results of several tests I had to undergo last week. Nothing really serious...just have to repeat two tests after 6 months. The good doctor prescribed some medicines...but enough of this! Let me tell you where I went after (as some sort of reward or fix(?)...to my favorite store, Lasting Impression. I missed Ms. Vivian and her store. See what I got...

Can't contain my excitement, I just have to share it with you. TFL!


Lee i. said...

oh my, that's the best RAK ever. :-)

verabear said...

Wow! Dami and everything's so pretty! I am intimidated by paper scrapping supplies because i know I will just waste most of them. Hehe. Syempre you have to share with us what you create with them too :)

sarah said...

looks like a lot of fun! it's always good to buy stuff for yourself every once in a while.