25 November 2008

Christmas Decor

Every year, we have a color motif for our Christmas decor. Last year, it was blue and silver. This year, it's red and gold (mostly). What I do is recycle what we already have since I don't want to spend anymore for decors. I was looking for something different and then saw my paper scraps, old embellies and extra photos...here is what I came up with:

Thanks for looking!


Freethinker said...

You should be on Wondermom! It's definitely a tipid tip! :-)

sarah said...

wow!! very impressive job! i can't wait to see pictures of your tree! :)


Candy said...

Very nice, Ate Lil! Sayang, hindi mo hinintay ang KAYA Challenge ko starting next week Monday! Something in the line of what you've done already!

cabbie lopez said...

wow very colorful and christmassy talaga!!! thanks for sharing ate lil!