06 June 2011

More LOs for DH's Album

I have been relatively busy the past few days...finished more LOs for my DH's Album. Here they are:

Title: Daddy Love Mommy Love

Title: He's Got a "Daddy" Attitude

Title: She's Got a "Mommy" Attitude

Title: Mine, All Mine!

Title: Mommy's Precious Treasures

Title: Just the Two of Us

Title: Brother & Sister

Title: Being brother & sister means...being there for each other

Title: Growing Up Friends

Title: Happy Faces

Title: Morning Sun

Title: Joy Ride

Title: Race You

Title: Young and Full of Life

There are still a lot pictures to scrap so watch out for more LOs; in the meantime...

Stay scrappinpretty,
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1 comment:

bessie said...

Hi Mommy Lil,
Look at you, so productive. I hope you are in good health. The Wednesday group misses you na.