20 March 2010

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All About Me AAM#14

The latest AAM challenge is all about "Giving Up"...what this quote means to you:

"Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes, it means that you are strong enough to let go."

Here's my take:

Title: Let go! Let GOD!
Journaling -

I had been a "Working Mom" from Oct., 1982 to June, 2005. Then I retired. It was not until a few years after retirement when I realized what I had given up during my "working years" as far as my children were concerned...their formative / growing up years (the years when they were dependent on "Mom" for almost everything). It was hard for me and for them to adjust to my being a "Stay-at-Home Mom", 24/7 of our lives. I was suffocating them with my attempts at playing "MOM" to the hilt (trying so hard to make up for all the years that I did miss). Now I know that they do not need that kind of "Mom" anymore. They are all grown-ups and have their own lives to live.

I am not giving up on being a "MOM", I am just letting go and letting GOD!

Thank you, AAM Ladies for giving me the opportunity to get to know myself better through these challenges.

Note: I used Pink Sketches #32.

Stay scrappinpretty,


Melissa Elsner said...

Lilia I love your use of vellum here! Thank YOU for participating at AAM!

janis said...

ate lil, thank you for this. i am reminded that i really should find time to be with my kids eventhough i am a very busy working mom. thanks so much for playing again with us over at aam!!!