18 April 2009

TagYoureIt! Bids Goodbye...

Last Friday, 10 April 2009, TagYoureIt! made an announcement, to wit:

"Dear Taggers, we have a really sad announcement to make. After one wonderful year of tagging, the team have decided to end on a high and say "Bye Bye" to Tag, You're It! Real Life has changed quite drastically for all of us over the recent weeks with additional work commitments and we thought that extending the DT might be the solution, but after further discussion we have decided that we are unable to give TYI the commitment it needs which would be unfair on the new DT, and therefore closing down completely seemed the best option. We would however like to express grateful thanks to all of you who offered to join the DT and are really sorry not to have gone ahead with it as originally planned.

We want to thank each and every one of you who has risen to our challenges and invited us to your blogs so that we can marvel at your wonderful and inspirational artwork. It has been an absolute delight to see how you interpret the themes each week, and your tags have been amazing and such a pleasure to see, and without you, this blog would have closed down long ago."

I am deeply saddened by this recent development. However, I am glad to have been a part of this and to have finished my TagYoureIt! project. This challenge blog has renewed my passion for scrapbooking and pushed me to do and experiment on new products and techniques. Thank you, TagYoureIt! ladies and good luck on your new endeavors!

As a tribute to this wonderful site, I did one last tag...



Kath said...

Hi Lil....thanks for your lovely comments....and for doing one last tag for us......Big Hugs Kath xxxxx

cabbie lopez said...

thanks for sharing with us your beautiful tags. this really inspired us all!

Red Oak Lines said...

always loved your beautiful tags!