24 April 2008

Update on my eldest DS' Album

Yes, finally had the time to scan the five 8x8 LOs I finished for the album of my eldest DS, Migs. Have you noticed that I don't put any details on the paper, embellishments or techniques (or credits)used in all of my LOs? That's because I removed all of these materials from their original packaging and mixed them all up and categorized them into paper, chipboards, rubber stamps, clear stamps, stickers, rub-ons, flowers, paint, ink, etc. So now, I don't remember/know what brands they are unless the containers (like for the paint and ink) still have the brands on them. I will never be able to join contests/challenges (not that I am confident enough to do so, but still)... :-(

Note: To view the full content of this album, please visit my Slide account (My Other Accounts).


cabbie lopez said...

wow love those pics and the simplicity and beauty of the design. love the stitched title too!!!

Candy said...

Wow, Ate Lil! Ang galing ng idea mo! I bet it's hard to do also. Ay, your eldest will definitely treasure this for generations to come!

marking said...

Hi Lil, I'm sure your son appreciates your creations. Keep it up!

Nita Ang said...

This is surely an achievement :D Just imagine your apos looking at their father's album. Eto pa, makikita nila itsura ng lola nila nung bata pa. Sistah... ANG GANDA mo sa mga litrato! Magaling ang gayuma na napainom sa iyo ng asawa mo. LOL.